Dallas Morning Newsby Nancy Churnin
What does shock in Lyric’s 24th season opener is how the message of this 1960 Tony Award-winning Alan Jay Lerner and Frederick Loewe show is about so much more than the romantic triangle that propels the storytelling. Under Len Pfluger’s direction, the compelling cast cuts through the mists to a more hopeful time.
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Fort Worth Star-Telegram by Mark Lowery
Camelot may not receive the same adoration as My Fair Lady, but Lyric Stage’s current revival makes the case that it should. That’s thanks to sensitive direction by Len Pfluger. If you haven’t discovered musicals at Lyric, performed with full orchestra splendor, this is a great production for that introduction. It looks and sounds marvelous, and director Pfluger plumbs the depths of a story you think you know well.
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TheaterJonesby Wayne Lee Gay
Director/choreographer Len Pfluger, besides creating a believably human interplay among the main characters, produces a sense of majesty with skillful placement and handling the human elements.
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My Fair Lady     Winner 2011 DFW Theater Critics Award - Outstanding Direction

TheaterJones by Kris Noteboom
Lyric Stage's production of My Fair Lady sets the new standard for revivals of classics…directed and choreographed by Len Pfluger, (it) is a heartfelt effort illuminated by excellent design and dedicated performances.
…director Pfluger has created a brilliant symphony, synchronizing the various elements of the production with outstanding staging and choreography that all at once appears seamless and intricately planned and executed. Coordinating such a large production filled with so many talented people is a tall order for anyone, and Pfluger excels admirably, delivering what must be one of the finer productions of this classic ever staged.
...If you’ve ever wanted a show by which to compare all other grandly staged musicals, this is the one.

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The Edge Media Network by Doug Dodasovich
Choreographer Len Pfluger’s troupe is Broadway ready. Pulling double duty as the production’s director Pfluger juggles a large cast of more than forty. His experience shines in every detail.
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Grand Hotel 

Critical Rant by Alexandra Bonefield
Stage director/ choreographer Len Pfluger, always an asset at Lyric Stage, makes apt use of every inch of the playing space and weaves his dynamic cast of thirty plus performers effectively through moments of high comedy, realism, romantic interlude, soul-baring anguish and expressionistic fantasy with Tommy Tune-inspired flourish. Grand Hotel isn’t just another sitcom of a hotel romance with naughty bits, emerging jazz artists and flashes of inspired dance by leggy girls. It reveals a world of desperation and hope, where rich and poor teeter elbow to elbow on icy edge in 1928 Berlin before Nazi Germany’s emergence and the Stock Market Crash turn the world into a very ugly place.
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Dallas Observer by Elaine Liner
Director/choreographer Len Pfluger, using Tune’s original dances, keeps everyone on their toes, heels and other movable joints, including dozens of golden chairs that seem to appear and disappear like velvet-cushioned apparitions.
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Dallas Morning News by Nancy Churnin
Lyric Stage puts the grand in this rarely done 1989 Broadway hit, with a lush, 32-piece orchestra, and striking 28-person cast. More remarkably, even as Len Pfluger’s direction and choreography embraces the complexities of the original vision by Texas’ Tony Award-winning Tommy Tune, Pfluger powerfully paces the revelation of the story’s aching intimacy.
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South Pacific (Lyric Stage)    Winner TheaterJones The Year in Theater 2015 Top 15

Dallas Culture Map by Lindsey Wilson
Len Pfluger’s direction doesn’t rush this melodrama, instead letting us linger on the romantic interludes and racially charged confrontations. This is how it feels to experience one of the best from America’s musical theater canon done right.
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 TheaterJones by Martha Heimberg

The 33-member cast, under Len Pfluger’s exquisite direction fills the stage with rich singing, exuberant dancing and compelling acting that carry you to the beaches of another world, and into the midst of GIs serving in World War II.
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Dallas Morning News by Nancy Churnin
Lyric Stage’s enthralling production of South Pacific opened Friday…This Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II classic, with a book by Hammerstein and Joshua Logan, opened in 1949. It takes sharp aim at the prejudice that made love, for some, a crime. Fittingly, it won the Pulitzer Prize, as did the James Michener book upon which it’s based. Under Len Pfluger’s compelling direction, the freshness of the struggle stings.
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Edge Media Network by Drew Jackson
Lyric Stage's new production of the musical "Nine" and the Dallas City Performance Hall adds up to a perfect 10. No matter how you do the math this 'blink, and you've missed it' three-performance run is the must see musical event of the fall…Everything works in the little seen (in Dallas) musical "Nine." This sumptuous feast succeeds from the inspired directing of Len Pfluger to Maury Yeston's gorgeous score conducted by Jay Dias. "Nine" is a no frills, all thrills event. There are no set or props. The stage is simply filled with risers populated by a 30+ piece all-woman orchestra and a dozen+ all female chorus…However you count it, this production of "Nine" is a revelation. The only disappointment is it's too brief run and the inability to experience it again.
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South Pacific (City Rep)

News OKby Elizabeth Hurd
Pfluger has the touch of a superlative director as this cast demonstrates with perfect performance. While the vocals are wonderful, the emotion that carries the story is heart wrenching and real.
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The Dallas Morning NewsBy Lawson Taitte
Director Len Pfluger and musical director Jay Dias have gone to enormous lengths to restore every detail of the Broadway original, down to unearthing lost recordings of the music played backstage at the burlesque theater. … 39-piece orchestra unleashes sounds you only wish you could hear on the Great White Way today.
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TheaterJones.comby Kris Noteboom
…Aiding in the character's transition is a clothes-dropping montage, one of three such transitions in the show, executed via Len Pfluger's direction. That's just one example of his impressive handling of this project. It's really as authentic a production as you'll ever see of this show. And (director/choreographer) Pfluger manages it all with great aplomb. There's good reason why Gypsy is considered the greatest of American musicals. It's a decidedly American story and it takes place during a major turning point in American history, the Great Depression and demise of Vaudeville. Lyric Stage's production gives you an opportunity to see this show like almost no one has ever seen it. The novelty combined with the high production value and powerful performances make Gypsy a must-see.
Full review By Lindsey Wilson
Working with a recreation of Jerome Robbins’ original choreography and costumes based on those designed for the 2008 Broadway revival, the overall feel of the show is sublimely polished. Director Len Pfluger manages to keep a zippy pace, and every chorus member, from the endearing little newsboys to the squealing Toreadorables to Caroline the Cow, offers entertaining contributions.
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As Thousands Cheer

Critical Rant by Alexandra Bonifield
Director Len Pfluger capitalizes on the unique strengths and complimentary attributes of his diverse cast. The show flows smooth and crisp, never missing a beat nor losing momentum due to set or costume changes or unclear characterizations.
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Fiddler On The Roof

Dallas Morning Newsby Nancy Churnin
Under Len Pfluger’s direction, the drama grows more compelling as the tale flows from the daughters singing the spirited “Matchmaker,” where they envision perfect grooms, to the moments where they risk their father’s wrath.
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They're Playing Our Song

The Dallas Morning Newsby Lawson Taitte
The small cast – just a chorus of six besides the two leads – made this a hugely popular show when it was new nearly 30 years ago. But it hadn't had a revival hereabouts for a good while until Lyric Stage's, reviewed Sunday. The show still looks and sounds fine when done as well as this version directed by Len Pfluger. 
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Nunsense Jamboree

Marshall Democrat NewsBy Maggie Menderski
"Nunsense's" talented cast, and hilarious script and score woke the Lyceum's stage from its sleepy recess with booming laughter…Director Len Pfluger refined his heavenly hee-hawing nuns' improvisational skills.
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Winner 2016 DFW Theater Critics Award - Outstanding Direction
Winner TheaterJones The Year in Theater 2015 Top 15

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